No scope with a matching tag

Example Message

No scope with a tag matching 'AutofacWebRequest' is visible from the scope
in which the instance was requested.

If you see this during execution of a web application, it generally
indicates that a component registered as per-HTTP request is being
requested by a SingleInstance() component (or a similar scenario). Under
the web integration always request dependencies from the dependency
resolver or the request lifetime scope, never from the container itself.

This error means that Autofac tried to resolve a service that was registered as InstancePerMatchingLifetimeScope and there was no matching lifetime scope.


  • In an ASP.NET Classic web application (ASP.NET MVC, web forms, etc.) chances are this is due to a missing per-request lifetime scope. For example, code that tries to run at application startup but use services registered as per-request will fail. Check out the FAQ on working with per-request scope for more info on how to troubleshoot that.

  • In an ASP.NET Core application, it may be that you’ve registered things as InstancePerRequest. ASP.NET Core doesn’t have a named request lifetime scope - use InstancePerLifetimeScope instead. See the ASP.NET Core integration docs for more information.

  • If you’ve created custom per-request semantics in your own application, perhaps creating something similar to InstancePerRequest, likely there is some code registering something as InstancePerRequest but the service is being resolved outside a request lifetime scope. This can happen if you try to share a registration module between something that has per-request lifetime scopes and something that doesn’t, like a web app and a background processing job; or if code runs at application startup before there are requests and tries to use per-request objects.

  • If you register some components with a matching lifetime scope and some without it can cause problems. For example, say you register one IMyService as a singleton and then register a second IMyService as InstancePerMatchingLifetimeScope. If you try to resolve IEnumerable<IMyService> outside a matching lifetime scope, you’ll get an error. Even though one of the IMyService could be resolved, not all of them can. InstancePerMatchingLifetimeScope is not a filter to allow an instance to sometimes be resolved.