Getting Support

Community Support

Autofac has a large community that can help you out if you have questions. If you can’t find your answer in the documentation, you can…

Commercial Support

Several companies offer commercial support for Autofac questions/design issues:

  • Readify - training and consulting services

  • CICLO - commercial support and training

  • Continuous IT - training, troubleshooting and implementation help

Note: while the above listed companies offer help, they are not officially affiliated with the Autofac project.

If you would like your company listed here, please send an email to the discussion group.

Filing an Issue

If you’re having trouble figuring something out, please do try at least the community support road before filing a question-based issue. We do have a really great set of folks on StackOverflow, and while we definitely want to help you succeed, there is a far, far, far smaller audience answering issues.

If you do find a bug or just can’t get an answer elsewhere, please file issues in the repository corresponding to the library you’re having trouble with. For example, if you’re having trouble with Web API integration, file the issue with the Web API Autofac integration library rather than in the core Autofac project.

Please include a detailed description of what’s going wrong, full exception messages and stack traces, and (ideally) a small reproduction so we can see the problem in action like a failing unit test or a link to a small project. Including as much information as you can will help us address the issue in a more timely fashion.